Here we go! 2020!

Everyone talks about their 2020 vision as a target. We’ve identified 2020 as a year to explode. And, we want you along for the ride. 

New year. New decade. New features. New business.

Happy New Year to all our users. What a year it is going to be. We wish you all the success in the world over the next 12 months, and we want to try help you make it an extremely successful year.

We have a few new agency clients that joined Peepz at the end of the year that were extremely happy with the service they received. We also have meetings set up for early 2020 with large brands that could help create hundreds if not thousands future bookings on Peepz. We need your help spreading the word and growing our database of candidates so we can offer a truly national service.

The year will be a bit slow as we lead into the first few months. Most brands have either spent their budgets or are waiting for the time when their customers have a bit more disposable income. So hold tight, as the year progresses, so do the number of bookings.

So, this time is more important than ever to make sure that your profile stands out. Add more pics, a selfie video or update your info.

We know that people move on, get other jobs or are just not able to work in events any more. If this is the case, please drop us a mail and we will help you deactivate your account.

Have a great year peepz. 

Peepz Support Team


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