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Let us help you earn

Brands and agencies around South Africa use Peepz to book staff for their activations and events. Register today and create your profile. It’s completely free for candidates to register.

Why Peepz?

Design it on the road

You choose what you want to earn. Payment to candidates happens 14 days after each booking. If the payment date falls on a weekend, then payment will be made on the next working day.

Fit for your corporate needs

Candidates are rated after each gig. So ensure that you act professionally and keep the client happy, because their rating may improve your chances of being selected for future gigs.

Conoco works so you can rest

We use international standards of security to ensure your information is kept safe and secure.

Set up elaborate design notifications

Registration takes 5 minutes, but can be complex. If you have any problems regsitering contact our support team at [email protected] for assistance.

Incorporate Retina HD images

Upload as many profile photos and a profile video so that you stand out to clients. You need to grab their attention and make them excited to choose you.

Integrate it with your design software

Message your clients directly from your dashboard.
All notifications, reminders and invitations are sent via sms and email. Keep an eye on your phone as you only have 4 hours to respond to invitations.

Keep track of all your bookings, accept gigs, and message your client directly from your dashboard.

As you will be working as a contractor for your clients you need to include your information and a copy of your ID. We keep a record of these bookings and make sure that your information is safe and secure. 

Well, you wanna get paid right? We automate payment to candidates 14 days after each booking. If the payment date falls on a weekend or public holiday then it moves to the next working day. We guarantee our candidates payment, even if our clients haven’t paid us. We don’t feel it is fair for you to wait. We got your back.

Sometimes there can be some complaints from clients. We take this as a case-by-case scenario and will address it with both parties.

We have two types of requests for gigs:

Job Request: This is when a client chooses you specifically. You have 4 hours to accept or decline. If you accept, congratulations you are immediately confirmed for the gig. If you take longer than 4 hours the system goes to find replacements. This is to ensure a premium service to our clients.

Availability Request: If a candidate doesn’t respond, or declines a job request, the system then tries to help the client by finding replacements. This comes to you in the form of an Availability Request. You will have the opportunity to tell the client that you are interested and available for their gig. When the client logs in again they will be able to see all the candidates that are interested, and then select a replacement from the list of candidates. If you are chosen you will receive a notification (sms and email) confirming that you have been selected

As many as you like. The more the better. But make sure they reflect your character and job type that you have registered for. If you have chosen Model then your pics need to be professional and you need to look like a Model.

All Job Types are different and clients pay different amounts. Below are a few suggestions, but you can still choose the rate you want:

Model: between R120ph & R200ph

Promoter: between R80ph & R100ph

Setup Crew: between R60ph and R80ph

Waiter: between R50ph and R80ph

You may want to do a little work on your profile, add some better pics, add a video introducing yourself, check your address (you might have selected the wrong location) and check your personal details. Unfortunately not everyone will be constantly busy through Peepz, but if you make your profile stand out you have a better chance.

"Your candidates are fantastic. Thank you. We will definitely be using them again"

Agency Founder