Whats Expected from YOU

Sometimes it can be a bit confusing what clients expect from candidates. Let us help you with a few suggestions.

Hey peepz

Many of you have never worked in events before joining Peepz. It can be a bit of a learning curve at your first booking, so we thought we would give you a little guidance on what clients expect from you.

Job Requests

When you are invited to a gig, remember to read the email brief thoroughly. Make sure you understand what you are accepting. Check the date, the time, the venue and the description. You are in control and can accept or decline based on the info in the brief. Make sure that you read through the info before accepting. If you aren’t able to make it, or aren’t interested please click on decline, don’t ignore the request. This is important as it helps us find a replacement for you faster. and this means happier clients. Can


Often uniform can be quite vital in events and activations. So please ensure you check uniform specifications for the gig before accepting. Sometimes the uniform will be provided, and sometimes you will be expected to wear certain clothing to the event. Each booking is different, so please check with the client.

For the ladies this can include make-up and hair, and gents, facial hair should be considered here. Please ensure you discuss these specifics with the client before hand.


When you accept a gig the client details will be in your booking page. Make sure you either message them in Peepz or contact them directly to discuss the event. This is professional and shows that you are pro-active.

Arrive Early

The expectation in events is to arrive 30 minutes early to be prepared for the start of the gig. If you arrive on time you are actually late. We know that this doesn’t make sense, but it is what is expected in this industry, so ensure that you allow time for traffic, or any other delays that might cause you to be late.

Check In

When you arrive, log into Peepz and check in. This records your arrival and sends a message to the client to inform them of your arrival. If the client is not on site it lets them know you have arrived.

But most importantly, this is a job, a gig, a booking. You are representing a business, a brand and/or an agency. Act professional and put the effort in for the short period that you working. It will be worth it. Have FUN.

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