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Some of SA’s largest brands & agencies use Peepz to book their promotional staff. We built it because we’re just like you. We come from events and activations. Having worked on both agency and client side of the boardroom table.  We made Peepz because we understand that your time is precious.

With Peepz, staffing your national campaigns, events or activations will be a breeze.

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How does it work?


Registering is simple. Add as much detail as you are comfortable with and hit submit. We need this info to be able to automate the communication with you.

Event Detail

Our briefs are quite detailed, but as they should be. Candidates want to see as much information as possible before accepting gigs. Fill out the detail and hit Next.

Choose your team

Once you have completed the brief you can select the candidates you want. Scroll through the candidates that meet your criteria and simply add them to the booking.


If your first choice candidate isn't available, Peepz automatically finds you replacements so that when you log in you can choose from candidates that have already confirmed their availability.


We will give you daily updates on the status of your booking. If there are any changes to your booking you will automatically receive updates. If any of the candidates message you, we will send you an sms to notify you. You will also be informed when they check-in on the day.


After each booking you can review the candidates to ensure that only the best options remain on the system.

Minimise Errors

By using technology to automate communication we are able to minimise late arrivals and no shows. 

1 %
On-time Check INs
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No shows

Frequently Asked Questions

The candidates choose their own rate. You therefore have full control of how much you spend.

Our fee is 15% of the candidate fee. By using technology we minimise the administrative costs involved with booking staff and therefore can offer you a superior service at a fraction of the cost. You can save up to 30%

Absolutely. We can manage your branding, place supervisors and report back on the success of campaigns. Our candidates are scattered all over the country and this can save you having to use multiple suppliers for one campaign. Chat to one of our campaign managers at [email protected]

We have two plans:

Standard Plan: Clients are billed by debit order on the day of the booking.

Enterprise Plan: Clients can request a CE and payment terms can be negotiated.

You have two choices, a hourly rate or fixed rate:

Hourly rate: Candidates choose what they want to earn. So if you add an hourly rate it will find everyone under this amount and within your budget.

Fixed rate: This is what you pay a candidate for a day, week, month etc. Its a fixed amount for the gig. Please note our fee of 15% is added on top of this amount.

You may want you edit some of your filters, like rate, to see if we can find you some candidates. Or else drop us a mail and we will help you find great staff for your event.

Our clients review candidates after each booking. You have 10 days to review them. This helps us ensure that only GREAT candidates stay on the system.

Additional Services


Moodle is an open-source learning management system that allows us to deliver training modules nationally at the click of a button. One of the key features of this form of training is the questionnaires at the end. This allows us to gauge information retention and ensures that the message that reaches your consumer is accurate to your brand or campaign. 

We can arrange in-person training in all regions of South Africa with our experienced trainers and with the brand/agency team. 

Every time you make a booking you are able to brief your candidates and also upload a briefing document. This ensures they are aware of their responsibilities, uniform needs and basic brand information.

Branding Management

We will manage distribution and execution of branding at activations, sales promotions or sampling promotions. Our support team will manage and report back on usage.

We assess branding on arrival, during the campaign and after. Should maintenance be required, we can manage this process for you and ensure that the the brand that our peepz represent.